Greg McCarthy Photography

Greg McCarthy Photography.


My photography started back in 1975 when I first started shooting surfing with a a Penatx Spotmatic F that I was given by my mother for my 21st birthday. On and off over the years, in between my real job, I shot surf images around my home break, Cronulla.


In the late nineties a change of career enabled me to move to a more professional approach to my surf photography. It was during this period that I realised that I also had a strong collection of beach and ocean related images and so the Oceanrt Gallery was born. With the help of Soula, images were collated and offered for sale as prints for framing etc.


Oceanart was launched back in 1997 by my wife Soula and I. We opened the Oceanart Gallery in 2003 which we ran until an opportunity presented itself to move to Adelaide in 2013 where we lived for four years.

In 1998 I won the Canon Asia Pacific Professional Photographer Award with a photo inside a barrel at Shark Island, Cronulla shot with a Canon SLR camera and Fisheye lens inside a waterhousing and mounted to the front of the surfers board. The camera was triggered by a radio remote. A similar image from the same wave also appeared on the front cover of Tracks magazine (see image right). This was well before the GoPro.

There was a strong demand for my images and I started to focus more on images suitable for the Gallery and less on the surf action I had been shooting up until then. This encouraged me to invest in medium format camera gear including a Fuji 617 panoramic camera. Of course these cameras were all film. Digital was still a few years away. When digital did arrive it wasn't long before it completly changed photography and this enabled everyone to more easily become photographers. A great thing for photography but not so good for the Oceanart Gallery.

These days I use a range of Canon DSLR and mirrorless Cameras and large range of Canon lenses ranging from the EF80mm f5.6 telephoto lens through a EF 300mm f2.8 and many others down to a 8-15mm f4.0 fisheye lens.  When shooting in the water I use Aquatech waterhousings


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Soula and I are re-launching the Oceanart Gallery online. Images are already on the site and we hope to have the e-commerce facilty up and running shortly. In the mean time we can be contacted by EMAIL

Images for Personal Use on Social Media

I'm happy to provide a low resolution jpeg file of images posted on my websites (except Oceanart images) and social media pages free of charge for personal use on Instagram and/or Facebook etc. If you would like a copy of an image of yourself for this purpose EMAIL ME with the date and place where the image was shot and the image number.

Image Prints

Image prints are available for sale. I use PHOTOKING Pro Lab for printing images. CLICK HERE for print price list.  I do not supply high res image files suitable for printing unless a suitable buyout fee is agreed as I cannot control what happens to the image.

Commercial Use of Images

Commercial use needs to be negotiated with me and a suitable buyout fee agreed.

 Phone: 0417 679 041



Here are links to both my Greg McCarthy Photography Instagram Page and YouTube Video Channel.



Sunset at the Bobby Brown Lookout, Wanda

Glorious sunset behind the Bobby Brown Lookout at Wanda Beach.

Shot with a Canon 1Dx, EF70-200mm f2.8L IS lens and a 2X teleconverter.


Sunset Wanda Beach.

Early Morning Swim at Southies

Beautiful morning for a swim at South Cronulla Beach this morning. Yes I know it's called Cronulla Beach but I've lived in Cronulla my whole life (68 years) and as kids we all called it Southies.

Shot with a Canon R3 and a RF24-104mm f4.0 IS lens.


Beautiful morning for a swim at Southies.

A Random selection of my Photos

A Random selection of my images that I have shot over the years both from around Cronulla and from my time in Adelaide. To view a full selection of images from Surf, Cycling and Oceartart images go to the menu bar above to select which site you would like to visit.


Some wonderful memories.